“The Science Behind Piercing”

What do the Neurologists, Acupuncturists, Physicians & Philosophers have to say?

The Neurologists in the west have linked the earlobes to the two hemispheres of the brain. That goes to prove that a child must be ear-pierced when their brain is developing.

The point where a child’s ear is pierced, comprises of two essential acupressure points;
Master sensorial and Master cerebral.
These points maintain the health of hearing in a child.

Acupuncturists say;
These points are a good spot to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus.
The hunger point sits here. A stimulation of this point helps maintain one’s digestive system and reduce the chances of obesity.

Acupuncture state that the central point for vision is situated in the ear lobe. Therefore, applying pressure to this point helps to maintain a good vision.

Acupressure therapy states that the meridians connecting the brain pass through this area and when these meridian points are stimulated, it helps in quick and healthy development of the brain and enhances memory.

Indian physicians and philosophers believe that piercing the ears helps in the development of intellect, power of thinking and decision-making faculties.

What does Ayurveda & the Great Sages have to say?

It is believed that the left ear of a Girl child should be pierced first and for a boy, the right ear. These specific points coincide with the feminine and masculine halves of a person.

Ear piercing opens the inner ear of the child, cleanses mind and body spiritually.

Ear piercing may initiate antigen and antibody reaction, promoting immunity in the child.

The earrings are believed to help in maintaining the flow of electric current in a human body.

Piercing the ears and by wearing earrings several diseases like hernia in male could be controlled & Ear piercing helps to regulate the menstrual cycle in females and restrict hysteria.

According to great sage; Shushruta (6th century BC mentioned in Shushruta Samhita) says, “Ears of a child should be bored for protection (from diseases) and decoration.” He explicitly prescribes the boring of ears for preventing a variety of infections and the onset of hydrocele (filling up of fluid in the testicles) and hernia in boys.

Father of Western medicine, Hippocrates, wrote about ear piercing and earring wearing around 470 BC as a remedy and treatment for menstrual problems.

Shushruta also said, the ear lobes contain meridian points that connects to the left and the right hemisphere of the human brain. When this point is pierced, it helps activate this part of the brain.

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