To create a “Circle of Safety” in the field of piercing through best practices

How do we do it ?

Safe, clinical and traditional piercing

How do we do it ?

To win customer love

How do we do it ?



Children Aboard

Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore

Operational Cities

Surat, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Cochin

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Agewise Piercing Statistics

Safety & Craftsmanship Skills

Our two driving forces

01 How do we improve Safety in the field of piercing through clinical and traditional practices?
02 How do we keep the Goldsmiths piercing skills alive for the benefit of our future generation?

mySunar was born as an answer to it.

A clinical and traditional Ear-Piercing service provider.

Our objective is to establish an assertive and enjoyable process of ear-piercing with our customers.
We want to earn everyone’s trust, through our thrust on safety.

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what we serve

Our Deliverables

Nickel Free Sterile Gold needle

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A clinical and traditional Ear-Piercing service provider.

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Customer Love

Sivya Jalan for her daughter Tvishi’s ear-piercing , Mumbai

I must say the packaging is superb. Tvishi says thank you for all the toys she received.

...view more
Jeeva for his daughter Kani’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

She is completely fine and we are very happy with her earring. Thanks a lot for a very pleasant ...view more

Ekta for her daughters Ekaya's & Amoha’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

My two daughters 3.5 years & 1 year old. I have been struggling to get their ears pierced, we al ...view more

Mugdha for her daughter Aarvi’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

The Team at MySunar are professionals and know the sensitive Market they operate in. From being a Team t ...view more

Shweta for her daughter Aaditri’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

We have been in quite a dilemma for a while regarding our daughters ear-piercing.

...view more
Shweta Ranjan for her daughter Myra’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

Initially I could not understand why there would be a dedicated service for ear piercing. I mean people u ...view more

Mukta and Ashish for their daughter Aadya’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

Thank you Sajan, Shashank Salgaonkar and MySunar team for a very professional and pleasant experience in ...view more

Pramit for his daughter Prisha’s ear-piercing, Pune

Fully professional and excellent service. I was worried, if piercing is carried out in an inexper ...view more

Ramya and Bhargav for Nirvi’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

Two things that a parent is most worried before their childs ear piercing.

शितल नितीन बोन्द्रे , पुणे

माझ्या लहान मुलीचे कान माय सुनार यांनी ...view more

Dr. Simran for her daughter Anoushka’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

Would like to share my pleasant experience with Mysunar. My daughter is 17 years old. When she w ...view more

Neha Merchant for her daughter Ayeza’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

Thank you so much for your wonderful service of ear piercing. With 200% safety, especially in these ...view more

Aanchal for her daughters Tanishi's & Vidhi’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

We have been struggling to get our 4 & 6 year old girls ear-piercing. On top of that the recent pandemic ...view more

Isha for her daughter Vishnupriya’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

The best thing is that it’s done at the comfort of our home. My daughters are very very happy.< ...view more

Dr. Shraddha Patil for her daughter’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

Awesome experience.. as I m a doctor..worried about the sterility..but no need to worry about anything ...view more

Pallavi Gandhi for her daughter Krisha’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

Ear piercing for your child is something every mom look forward to. With Mysunar, we not only got her ea ...view more

Sumitra Bhupelli for her daughter Rea’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

This was the best service I could have wanted for my daughter... Specifically during this pandemic...I w ...view more

Ansh Javeri for his ear-piercing, Mumbai

Very cool experience, the actual piercing was quick and painless.

Karan Alreja for his ear-piercing, Mumbai

It's simply the best<3.

Shorya Mathew for his ear-piercing, Mumbai

Amazing experience and 100% Safe.

Pratik Bhandari for his daughter’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

Superb service by Sajan and team... Was in contact with Sajan for almost 7-8 months and as soon as i was ...view more

Stuti Agarwal for her daughter Aarna’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

I was looking to pierce my daughter's ears for quite some time. But the pandemic had put our plans on ho ...view more

Prajakta Solapurkar for her daughter Saisha’s ear-piercing, Pune

Thank you mySunar for your services. It was indeed a pleasure to have my daughters ears pierced by your ...view more

Kiran Nagda for his daughter Akira Nagda’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

Thoroughly professional and experienced practitioners doing piercing using traditional method. Making a ...view more

Mariyum for her nose-piercing, Mumbai

It is a nice and innovative way to have piercing done at your home in your comfort.

Shweta Thorat for her daughter Seerat’s ear-piercing, Pune

A very pleasant experience. Extreme level of hygiene is taken care of with minimal contact amidst these ...view more

Abbas khedwala for his daughter Zahra’s ear-piercing, Pune

A very professional and thorough service. Right from Booking to the piercing they take care of every lit ...view more

Vivek Awasthi for his son Palvit Awasthi’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

Truly professional and thorough service. Right from Booking to the piercing they take care of every litt ...view more

Shravani Salgaonkar for her nose piercing, Mumbai

If you are looking to get your nose pierced, rushhhhh....... mySunar is your final destination!!!!! ...view more

Megha Arora for her helix ear piercing, Mumbai

I had an amazing experience with My Sunar. They took care of all hygiene aspect. Team is so skilled and ...view more

Minal Bhanushali for her daughter Veera’s ear piercing, Mumbai

Since this was my younger ones piercing that too in the covid times, we were very conscious. But to my r ...view more

Steffi Mol Thomas for her daughter Eviana’s ear-piercing, Pune

I booked it for my 6 month's daughter... Thank you so much @Sajan & ur whole team for your services. ...view more

Richa Gautam for her daughter Deetya’s ear-piercing, Mumbai

Great service by MySunar team! They arrived on time; used highest level of disinfection practices and to ...view more

Genevieve Anand for her daughters Twisha and Keisha’s ear piercing, Mumbai

Few things that we loved about MySunar:-


our procedure, our piercing team, our customers...

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