18 Carat, Nickel-Free, Ethylene Oxide Sterile Medical Grade Gold Needle.

Beginners Nose/Ear Ring


Gold Piercing Needle

Gold is symbolic of Wealth, Extravaganza, and Riches

Rs. 2160
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Piercing Stud

Gold with Stud looks Simple still Elegant and Classy

Rs. 2366
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Beginners Nose/Ear Ring Traits

EO Sterilised

Removes bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms to reduce the risk of Infection.

Nickel, Palladium & Cobalt free

Keeps it free from skin rash or irritation caused by touching an allergen.

18 Carat Gold

Gold is a stable element and chemically inert. It is 100% non-reactive. Keeps all kind of allergic reaction away.

BIS Certified Jewellery

Authenticity assured.

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