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Baby Ear Piercing Service in Goa.

Discover the safest and most adorable way to pierce your baby's ears with mySunar in Goa.

Our expertly trained and experienced Sunar ensures a gentle and hygienic experience, prioritising your little one's comfort and safety.

Using traditional form of piercing with hypoallergenic Gold metal, we make the moment special and memorable for you and your baby.

Trust mySunar for a hassle-free and joyful ear-piercing journey there by creating beautiful moments that lasts for a lifetime in the sunny paradise of Goa. 

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Our Goa Team

Sajjan Salkar

Family Background : Home maker wife, Daughters are married, Does freelance jewellery manufacturing.

  • Community : Daivadnya Sonar
  • Experience : 35 years
  • Language : English, Hindi, Marathi

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