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Baby Ear Piercing Service in Bangalore.

mySunar in Bangalore stands out as the leading baby ear piercing service with a blend of traditional care and modern techniques.

In Bangalore's fast-paced tech environment, we offer a safe, clean and gentle ear piercing experience for babies and their parents.

Our expert piercers in Bangalore use precision-driven methods to ensure minimal discomfort and a swift process, all while adhering to the highest standards of hygiene

Choose from our exquisite collection of baby-friendly earrings.

Join the many satisfied Bangalore parents who have chosen us for a memorable milestone.

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Our Bangalore Team

Shivanna L

Family Background : Home maker wife, Son has completed MBA and is on job, Daughter is in her engineering.

  • Community : Sonar
  • Experience : 35 years
  • Language : Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil

K Eshwara Chari

Family Background : Entrepreneur wife, a son in the 9th standard.

  • Community : Vishwakarma Sonar
  • Experience : 25 years
  • Language : Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil

Chandrahas V Raikar

Family Background : Unmarried, resides away from his parents who live in their native place.

  • Community : Daivadnya Sonar
  • Experience : 15+ years
  • Language : English, Hindi, Kannada

K Muralidhar

Family Background : A home maker wife and 2 school going children.

  • Community : Vishwakarma Sunar
  • Experience : 15 Years
  • Language : Hindi, Kannada

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