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Baby Ear Piercing Service in Mumbai.

mySunar Mumbai promises to parents a safe baby ear piercing experience, combined with the convenience of home visit like in our other cities.

Nestled in the heart of Mumbai, our piercing service specialises in providing a gentle, safe, and hygienic ear piercing.

We understand the need for flexible timings with babies to suit their routine.

We pride ourselves in using hypoallergenic jewellery that adds to the safety of your baby's delicate skin.

When you think of ear-piercing in Mumbai, think of mySunar's baby ear-piercing.

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Our Mumbai Team

Shashank Salgaonkar

Family Background: Working wife, daughter in her engineering and a school going son.

  • Community : Daivadnya Sonar
  • Experience : 30 years
  • Language : English, Hindi & Marathi

Darshan Potdar

Family Background: Home maker wife, 2 school going children.

  • Community : Daivadnya Sonar
  • Experience : 20 years
  • Language : Hindi & Marathi

Pooja Karekar

Family Background : A Sonar husband, Elder son is a musician and music teacher, younger son works in BPO.

  • Community : Daivadnya Sonar
  • Experience : 30 years
  • Language : Hindi & Marathi

Ravindra Ramakant Potdar

Family Background: Wife and 2 Daughters

  • Community : Daivadnya Sonar Bhramin Community
  • Experience : 25 Years
  • Language : Marathi, Hindi & English

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