Beginners - Piercing - Ear - Nose (Silver)

Ethylene Oxide Sterile Silver



Nickel Free and Sterilised Sterling Silver Ear Rings


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Sterilised Sterling Silver Stud with Swarovski


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Silver Traits

EO Sterilised

Removes bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms to reduce the risk of Infection.

Know More

Your first ear piercing needle should be a mySunar nickel-free sterile medical-graded gold needle.

mySunar recommends an 18 carat Gold.

An 18 Carat is more appropriate for piercing as it provides the required strength and endurance on the piercing needle.Gold is a stable element and chemically inert. It does not bind chemically with others elements, nor does it rust or tarnish and is 100% non-reactive.

Thus, all kind of allergic reaction is negated.

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