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MySunar recommends to perform the Ear piercing after the first and second round of DPT vaccination of the baby. Baby should be playful, healthy and no fever. 

A bigger hole on the tender ear lobes at an early age is not recommended. Ears lobes have only muscles, hence, a bored hole once done will widen naturally.
The piercing should be done in the traditional way with a sharp needle, instead of using a thick edge and forcefully piercing it through the tender lobes of children.

Incase after piercing a thicker earring is not passing through after a traditional piercing, then a Neem or Tulsi stick can be inserted in the pierced hole for a period of 1-2 weeks. This will naturally widen the bored hole and it will be safer

Gold is the most stable element and chemically inert (does not bind chemically with others elements). It does not rust or tarnish and is non-reactive so it will not cause an allergic reaction.

Silver is the 2nd best metal for piercing because of its properties..

Children above 3months+ have a choice of using a numbing cream to make the piercing painless. The cream must be applied 30-45mins prior to the piercing schedule.

As it's an external application, no health hazard. Few skin may develop irritation for a short period. Please read the catalogue in the numbing cream pack or consult your doctor before using it

The gross weight is between 0.33 - 0.38g.

Gold weight is 0.25g-0.38g.

25 Gauge

Primary reason to sterilise the gold needle is to reduce the risk of causing blood borne infection due to bacteria or any microorganisms in the piercing rings.

Ethylene oxide (also known as EO or EtO) sterilisation is a low temperature gaseous process widely used to sterilise healthcare products, such as single-use medical devices.

EO Sterilisation procedures completely removes all types of bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms from the needles. 

MySunar recommends not using personal jewellery for beginners piercing, but use MySunar’s nickel-free sterile medical grade gold needle only. 

The piercing needles will come in a EO sterile sealed pack with color indicator stating its EO sterile.

Yes, all the tools and equipments are disinfected after every piercing using a surface disinfectant ensuring complete safety.

Redness, swelling, drainage, pain, itching or tenderness are the signs.

You should contact your doctor if ear lobe is infected.

Home Remedies for minor infections or as precautionary measures

  1.  Apply coconut oil. 
  2.  Apply Turmeric powder. 
  3.  Apply antiseptic cream/powder (Soframycin, Nebasulf etc). 
  4.  If the infection increases, consult a doctor.  

Keep the pierced area clean. Wash your hands before touching the piercing area. Inspect the ear piercing for few days. 

Apply coconut oil to the ear lobe and rotate the ring gently. 

  • 2. Apply Turmeric powder. 

  • A service provider who have their core focus on safety, who use a sterilised needle, have a hygienic process with medical supplies.

    Yes, INR 450/ Visit. Inclusive of all taxes 

    Yes, mySunar would remove the first piercing needle and can provide new Stud/hoops. All our products are nickel free for further safety.

    Yes, mySunar provides ear & nose piercing product and service for children, teens & adults.

    Acupuncturists say that the ear lobe is a vital acupuncture point and ear piercing may have a therapeutic value. 

    It’s said, the central point for vision is situated in the ear lobe. Therefore, by applying pressure to this point helps to maintain a good vision. It opens the inner ear of the child, cleanses mind and body spiritually. 

    There by initiating antigen and antibody reaction, promoting immunity in the child. It helps to regulate the menstrual cycle in girls and restrict hysteria and hernia in Boys. 

    Ear piercing helps in speech restraint. It helps to reduce impertinent behaviour and the ear channels become free from disorder. 

    The earrings (Gold preferably) are believed to help in maintaining the flow of electric current in a human body. 

    The team has a collective experience of 200+ years. They are mySunar - certified practitioners who have gone through a rigorous training workshop for certification.

    Yes, mySunar certification of a clinical and traditional ear piercing can be availed by interested candidates. For commercials, please call us or write to

    mySunar is BIS certified and will provide mySunar authentication certificate with the product. 

    Since our objective of safe piercing is met only with our medicated piercing needle earring and hygienic services, we encourage our customers to avail both. However, if a customer wants to use their product with our services, then they can call our support numbers mentioned on the website for price details.

    1. Customer will have to cancel or reschedule 48hrs before the appointment 

    2. No charges for rescheduling before 48 hrs

    3. After 48hrs charges for rescheduling – INR 450/visit

    4. After 48hrs charges for cancellation

    • If the product has been dispatched (proof will be submitted to the customer), customer to pay for the logistics inward & pick up.

    • If the product is delivered to the customer, the product will be checked for damages (if any) in front of the customer. 

    • A] If Yes – Then the customer pays the product price 

      B]If No – Then the customer pays INR450/Visit

    On Website & On Service call

    6-9 months for children between 0-2 years

    3-6 months for children and adults above 2 years 

    It is important to wear a ring/stud after removal of the needle to ensure the pierced hole doesn’t get blocked.

    Please avoid swimming for 5-6 weeks from the day of piercing.

    In few skin, Chlorine in the water may add to infection.

    Yes, you can, as per the availability in the booking calendar.

    Whenever you login to the booking portal,

    To book it from the present day or next day, pick the available date and time slot available as per calendar.

    And then mention in the special remarks section your ask. (It could be on date, time slots or anything else with respect to MySunar.)

    We will pick it up from there and confirm you as per available slots.

    Few Hygiene:

    Make sure that you fill all the details.

    Use the calendar for filling the date of DOB and Piercing, do not manually fill.

    Tick mark the piercing and delivery address column.

    It takes atleast 4-6 weeks for complete healing. However, don't remove the first piercing earrings for 12-16 weeks.

    1. Do not touch the rings immediately after piercing. Avoid anyone touching the piercing area except when cleaning them.

    2. Always wash your hands with soap and warm water before touching the pierced area.

    3. Special care to be taken while bathing or dressing up.

    4. While taking bath, prevent soap or shampoo to come in contact with the piercing area.

    5. Be careful while dressing up, else you may accidently jostle the pierced area while putting on or removing clothes.

    6. Clean the pierced area with saline solution. Apply coconut oil and rotate the ring gently twice a day to prevent grim to settle around the piercing lobe.

    7. Inspect the ear lobe everyday and check for signs of infection.

    8. Let the pierced area heal completely and do not remove the earrings for a minimum six months from the ear piercing day.

    Children Ear-piercing Precare to be followed:

    1. Child should be in good health with no fever and no prior infection.

    2. Child should be given bath on the day piercing is scheduled.

    3. Child should wear comfortable clothes that are easy to change from the shoulder.

    4. To strictly avoid a dress that has to be worn/removed over the head.

    For Teens or Adult Piercing Precare to be followed:

    1. Person should be in good health with no prior infection around the earlobe.

    2. Recommended to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to change from the shoulder.

    It's traditionally pierced and then twisted and winded at the back of the lobe.

    It will cling to the backside of the earlobe.

    No sharp edges and hence less risk of getting hurt due to a bulge that is seen typically in a screw based stud.

    It will look like a jalebi from the back of the lobe.

    This is found to be more safer for children as compared to a screw based stud as per our study and experience with 1000+ children.

    99.99999% - No

    No fever is expected post piercing.

    Normal Piercing:

    The pain will be like a prick (like vaccination)

    Children do cry; however, they will be absolutely fine before Sunar leaves your home after piercing.

    We assure you a smooth and seamless process.

    We will take utmost care of the baby.

    Painless Piercing (Applicable for 3 months+ age group)

    Cream Name:

    Lidocaine and Prilocaine Gel - TOPLAP (5G)


    Lidocaine and Prilocaine Gel - PRILOX (5G)

    Cream to be applied 30 mins prior to piercing.

    Spread it well at the piercing area. It should cover the area well. 

    Please do not touch the area post application.

    We assure you a smooth and seamless procedure.

    We will take utmost care of the baby.

    Pure gold is a soft metal. A 22 or 24 carat gold needle may bend during the piercing. 18kt has the required hardness required for beginners piercing.

    We use an 18 Carat Nickel-Free & EO Sterilised Gold earring/Stud for baby ear piercing.

    Traditional needle piercing is recommended for all ages, especially for children.

    Gunshot piercing breaks the skin filament and damages the tissues around the earlobe area because of its blunt force.

    Traditional needle piercing is performed in a controlled way, thereby keeping it safe and healthy.


    Ear piercing has medicinal benefits.

    Piercing at a young age helps in the development of sensory organs.

    Ears are connected to the sensory organs like brain, eyes and tongue.

    So it helps in the overall development of the health of hearing, brain development, vision, speech.


    Post piercing care is very important.

    Small babies are in parents control, hence the post piercing care is easy to be followed with them compared to grown up kids who are active and have ample activities.

    So babies heal from post piercing while they are sleeping, eating, playing.

    We suggest parents to do it after the initial 2 vaccination shots (DPT) and when the baby is overall healthy, no fever, no ear infection.

    MySunar's philosophy is to bring convenience to all, at the comfort of your home.

    Yes, we will provide the service at a location as per the choice of our customer.

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