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C i t r i n e

Shine with the warmth of November's birthstone through our Citrine Radiance Screw Stud Earrings. The citrine symbolizes positivity and joy, and these earrings capture that cheerful essence. These earrings allow you to carry the sunny vibes of citrine wherever you go.

Beginners Piercing-Ear (Gold)

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Product Description

18 Carat Gold Needle

1. Gross Wt: 0.54gm (Subject to weight tolerance: 0.05gm)
2. Stone size: 3 mm
3. Length of studs: 1 cm

Gold is free of Nickel, Palladium, Cobalt and all other allergen metals

Safety Note
1. Pipe based screw stud is safer for children compared to screw studs that has a bulge at the back.
2. Possibility of the kids removing the pipe based stud on their own is unlikely, where as in a screw based it is very common.

Service Description

Service is delivered at the comfort of your home.

Service is clinically performed by experienced Goldsmiths.

Use of Clinical tools; Surgical gloves, Alcohol swabs, Surgical torch Surgical marker pen etc during the process

Application of surface disinfectant to sanitise (not sterile) the instruments after every piercing

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